Happy 63rd Birthday Leonard!

Happy Birthday Leonard! September 12, 2007

Write Leonard !

Send him a Birthday card! Leonard Peltier’s address is:
Leonard Peltier #89637-132
USP Lewisburg
PO Box 1000
Lewisburg PA 17837

Donations can be made to Leonard’s Commissary account:
(US Postal Money orders only per USP regulations)
Address: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Leonard Peltier #89637
PO Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50747-0001

( Leonard can not receive gifts or CDs. Books/magazines must be sent from a book store. Newspapers articles are not allowed, however Xerox copies of the articles are allowed)


Please sign our online petitions

Freedom of Religion for Native American Inmates Petition:

Please click here to join http://www.PetitionOnline.com/inipi/petition.html

No human being should ever have to fear for his own life because of political or religious beliefs. We are all in this together, my friends, the rich, the poor, the red, white, black, brown and yellow. We share responsibility for Mother Earth and those who live and breathe upon her ….never forget that.”
Leonard Peltier




Oglala Commemoration Committee:

In honor of Leonard’s birthday in September, a kick off to a fund raiser. MySpace is really getting alot of hype with the number of “Friends”. We ask that all of “Leonard Supporters” donate at least a $1. This should be mailed directly to the LPDC to help cover the upcoming legal appeals. (Heard one may be coming back to St. Louis so keep an eye out for updates on that) Please do not limit this to MYSPACE, but spread it around to all your friends and list. What’s a dollar for someone who has spent so much more on for the struggle?
If you can give more, do so, you may also buy a $10 stone of the Freedom Walk at http://www.freedomwalk.com/
Mail your dollar too-
3800 N. Mesa St. Suite 2
El Paso, TX 79902

Irish Freedom Committee: New Mexico

Every year for the past 20 years Leonard Peltier and the LPDC have been sponsoring the Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive. Due to Leonard Peltier’s efforts and support, children of the Pine Ridge Reservation and other reservations have a brighter holiday season. The Irish Freedom Committee in collaboration with the LPDC has begun collecting new toys and new clothes that will be delivered to the children of Pine Ridge during the holiday season. If you and or your organization would like to join us in our efforts collecting new toys and clothes for the 2007 Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive please contact the Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift drive at:

Support Group Activities:

Support groups build awareness and unity. Teamwork is vital in our ongoing work with the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. We encourage each and everyone of you to join us in our ongoing work towards Leonard Peltier's freedom, and to work with us on ideas, strategy, fundraising and public support as well as forming coalitions that work collaboratively towards our main objective- Leonard Peltier's freedom. You can help! You can continue to contribute to Leonard's freedom as an individual, a Leonard Peltier support group member, or a solidarity group. For more information on Leonard Peltier Support Groups ( LPSG's) contact :

Please click here for September 12, 2007 events and activities!

Thank you,

Toni Zeidan
Email: info@leonardpeltier.net
Website: http://www.leonardpeltier.net/
3800 N. Mesa
El Paso, Texas 79902